Confused, not shaken nor stirred.

In the past week, I read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. These two novels are actually going hand-in-hand in my head right now, which is odd because even though the world ends in both, they’re very different books.

The reason they are sticking together, aside from having been read days apart, is because both have been recommended to me many times by various people. They are the kind of books that I see in the library or bookstore and think “Oh, ____ said I should read this. I will. Eventually. Not now.” I finally have, and I feel kind of underwhelmed/confused about both?
I don’t feel smart enough to truly understand all the complexities of Cat’s Cradle, and Hitchhiker’s… was not tickling my funny bone as much as I expected it to.

I will continue to think about both, will probably return to Hitchhiker’s again at a later date and will definitely read Slaughterhouse 5, because I admire what Vonnegut was working towards even if I don’t fully understand it yet.
I hate feeling confused – I enjoy books that provoke me as much as I enjoy books that are pure escapism, but I dislike it when I put a novel down and I go “…… huh? what?” Bound to happen sometimes though.
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2 Responses to Confused, not shaken nor stirred.

  1. esg says:

    this is interesting to me, because i'm taking classes on how to teach reading. it's a much harder job than i thought. it's not just literacy, but how to teach empathy, intellectual skills while interacting with the text. we read different things for different reasons. maybe if you take a different "stance" when reading a non-indulgent text, you might find it more rewarding?

  2. ca says:

    I do take a different stance, I think. I have been assigning myself "challenging" books for the most part of this year with an eye to pushing myself. I'm not sure it's "stance" as much as it's … expectations that leave me feeling dissatisfied. Still trying to work it out.

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