Secret female societies

I begin to believe that there is a secret sisterhood of awesome gals who read Tamora Pierce as children/teenagers/adults.

I say it is secret because not many women admit to reading YA novels now or in the past, unless they’re “smart” ones like Lord of the Rings, popular ones like Harry Potter or classics like The Narnia Chronicles. So when I get the courage to ask if a friend has read Ms. Pierce’s work, or to recommend her stuff, it feels like I admitting to a special level of nerd-ness. I think it is the same for others too, because there’s always a look of relief and excitement in finding out someone else is a member of the awesome ladybook tribe. “Yes! I love her stuff! I read it all the time!”
I think it is exciting because it reveals a lot of similarities between people when you realise you love the same book. That you were passionate for the same characters. It’s like discovering that you had the same best friend for (random number) 4 years.

So many groovy ladies I know have read and loved her stuff. It is a sign! A sign of an awesome person!
The circle grows! Tres excitement!
Are there any books/authors you feel a similar kinship towards? That you just feel like you know so much more about another person when you find out they enjoy that book/author as much as you do?
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  1. Mariellogram says:

    davidd fosterrr walllaccee

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