Winter Warmer

Julia and I just ran 5K around Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh.

It’s a beautiful day here – crisp cold, but you can feel the heat of the sun on you, and the sky is a beautiful blue.
We got up early and had some porridge and orange juice (no bits!) as we checked our emails. We dressed carefully for the cold – not wanting to freeze off any of our bits in the course of the run.
PS – it was a charity run for the British Heart Foundation (winter warmer). Donate money if you want to!
The first 2K was UPHILL. I thought I would die. My shins were killing me and my throat felt scratchy and dry. I only ran a small part of those first 2K… my calves went “whatareyouDOING?” at one point, and I had a rough time even just walking.
Then it leveled out, and I started trying to jog again. My shins felt better and my calves warmed up. My ankles started giving me trouble, but I’m used to that. Just before the downhill, my iPod kicked in with the Red Hot Chili Peppers song “Give it away” and I started picking up the pace. Then “Single Ladies” came on and I started being able to run – all of a sudden, my whole body wanted to move and dance, and the energy just came flowing in.
I beasted that last 2K. I felt great. My posture was good, my breathing felt right, my legs had loosened up. My ankles still hurt like mad, but as I said – I’m used to it.
There was a crowd of supporters at the end of the race, cheering on all the people as we finished. We were given medals and t-Shirts (pictures soon), and water. We finished within a minute of each other and gave each other HUGE hugs, in spite of the sweat.
As we walked away, Julia told me that we’d done it in 30 minutes. 5K in 30 minutes. Then she said, “9 months ago, I couldn’t walk 4.” And we both lost it and started crying.
It was a great charity to do a run for – even though I might not have raised any money in sponsorship, I paid my dues and did exactly what a Heart Foundation would want – I got healthy and fit enough to run up that damn hill. So did Julia.
We saw a panoramic view of Edinburgh on a beautiful day, and feel awesome for it. We’re very proud of ourselves today.
Now to do homework.
(I did say posts would be sporadic while doing this course. They are.)
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