sense memories

I’m back in NYC and living alone in my sister, Erin’s apartment for the next week and a half.

I just wanted to write about the things that I will remember about Edinburgh and the people I met there.
The smell of strong, hand-rolled tobacco cigarettes, obviously. The smell of the green tea Julia and I drank multiple mugs of every day. The weird smell of our classroom after lunchtime, when our varied meals combined to create one unique stink every day.
The taste of milky English/Scottish tea I drank every day during 10:30 break. Skinny popcorn
from Pret. Tennants lager from the “Oxford” Bar and the Standing Order (or Stadium Order, as Irene called it).
Watching the sun rise over the Meadows from the bus, or from our living room window, if I got up early to meditate before school.
Being constantly awed by the way sunlight hits buildings throughout the city. The array of

golds, purples and blues hitting the old stone buildings never ceased to make me stop and stare for just one minute. The sun was setting over Arthur’s Seat on my last weekend, and it turned purple, contrasting with the freakishly green grass of the Meadows.
I will miss living with Julia. It makes sense with the two of us. We keep a clean, comfortable house that smells like food (thanks to her!). We did not expect things of each other but comfort and good conversation – a bit of a chat and a read before lights out at night. Some music and companionship while cooking and eating dinner.
I will miss our class. I think we all enjoyed each other and were interested/interesting people.
Making faces across the room at each other when Marilyn was talking. Everyones’ sense of humour. Song of the day. Cheeky faces and snarky jokes (often at Marilyn’s expense). Runs to Pret. So many other things I cannot write down.
It was a wonderful experience. I’m sad that I might not see most of you again – the downside to CELTA being that everyone’s moving all over the world to teach.
I’m also very, very grateful for having met you. I really feel like each and every person in the course taught me something – either in or out of the classroom. I admire you and wish you all the best.
Now to figure out which part of the world I’m going to end up in. Who knows?
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One Response to sense memories

  1. Hazel Wilson says:

    What a beautiful entry, my memories are also similar; it's great how the senses of smell and taste, which seem to resonate through this entry, can throw you back to a time and place. I'm really pleased to have found your blog! xx

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