I just woke up from a night of disturbing/exhilarating dreams.

There were guns and hunting. Time travel and good friends.
The most striking image was a pause in the dream to watch the moon be hung like a paper lantern. It started out a small bright light on the horizon, and then it sailed into the sky like it was being hoisted by string. It was small and bright, and turned impossibly large and glowed with a far more subdued light than one might expect. Moments later, as the moon hung low over some faraway mountains, a small silhouette of a bride and groom appeared and slowly grew. It was more shadow puppetry, and as it grew, we could see his bowtie and through her veil. Once they perfectly fit the circumference, they rose above the moon, floating, pulled by a surer string, and disappeared into that violet sky, holding hands.
It might be one of the most beautiful things I can ever remember dreaming.
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