It is a new year – 2011. I am really and truly feeling the vast opportunities that stand before me.
2010 was long.
I lived in San Francisco.
I lived in New York.
I lived in New Haven.
I lived in Edinburgh.
I lived in Sao Paulo.
I lived in 5 cities around the world. I made 5 different homes. I made new friends 5 times. I found favorite places to eat and drink 5 times. I packed up my life and moved it 5 times.
I ended the year tired. I was confused and frustrated for so much of it. I was unemployed (am still). I had no idea where to live and what to do there. I changed my plans so many times, and considered changing them countless more times. I left so many people and places behind me.
I did so much. I worked 3 amazing jobs/internships with truly fantastic people that I am glad I know and had an opportunity to learn from. I met and befriended amazing friends. I decided to apply for graduate school and continue to pursue my dream of teaching. I got certified to teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to Adults.
2010 was a LONG year. A lot happened. I look back and am grateful for it. I don’t regret any of it because even when things were difficult, lonely, frustrating and just plain sad, I learned so much from them.
I have amazing people all around me, who I am truly blessed to know, and I continue to meet more all the time.
So, with the turn of the year, I see the vast opportunities stretching before me. No matter what I do, I will strive to learn from it and to become a better person, sister, daughter, friend and lover. A tall order, but I’m not aiming for perfection – just betterment.
I wish anyone who reads this blog all the best and the biggest feelings of accomplishment, joy and satisfaction in the coming year.
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