Memory Lane

I found my old diary from Form II. That means I was….12 years old. In the “Pupil’s Academic Notes” section (the green pages), I found a bunch of “QUOTZ” that I found worthy of recording.

Here are a selection of them:
“A heart is not a plaything,
A heart is not a toy,
But if you want it broken,
Give it to a boy.”
“Money is not everything – but it sure buys anything.” – Guilerme Nahas (sic)
“For those who feel,
Life is a tragedy,
For those who think,
Life is a comedy.” – Anon
“If life were a thing that money could buy,
The poor would not live,
And the rich would not die.” – Anon (I was really fascinated by this one)
“And god created Woman,
And she was good,
She hat (sic) two arms, two legs and three breasts.
And God asked woman what she would like to change about herself,
And she asked to have her middle breast removed.
She stood with her third breast in her hand, and asked God
what should be done with the useless boob.
And God created man.” – Anon
Aside from these quotes, I also found a treasure trove of communications from and to my friends.
Some excerpts:
“Ju, Sam and Paula; moi mama wont’s to invite Yohaned + family to moi farm!” (Yohaned being Johannes)
“SHUT UP – Eduardo, stop “singing”!”
“Most widely known friend facts:
-Sam loves horses.”
“Sam, you want to come to moi house today?
I’ll try, but HW first k? =)” (such liars and procrastinators we were even then!)
I wish I could find more of these diaries, because I know for sure that some of them hold far more info in them. I will share more excerpts at a later date.
I think it is hilarious that I was a stickler for quoting things correctly back then. Even when I didn’t know who to attribute the quote to. I was TWELVE.
I was also quite good at using quotation marks and correct sentence structures – my incorrect parts were deliberate flaunts – I knew that “moi” was wrong, as was “wonts”.
Good to know my nerdiness is honestly come by.
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