Things changing

Okay, I have been sorely remiss in my book postings. I have read a lot lately – I finished “Into the Wild”, “Blink” and all three “Hunger Games” books. I’ve started “The Grapes of Wrath” and a trashy romance novel I found in the little library in the staff room at school – it starts with a cursing Italian nun and an English gentleman who travels under a false name: very promising.

I haven’t filled this blog in, but I’m in my 3rd/4th week working as a teaching assistant at a private, international school here in Sao Paulo. I work with 5th grade, and my teacher is a very dry, very nice Irishman who is very excited about expecting a new baby girl into the world in 6 months.
School is great. I actually really enjoy working there, and even when I’m tired or doing something banal, it doesn’t feel like “ugh, this is my JOB”. I obviously don’t really like getting up at 6am, especially after being out late the night before, but it’s not that bad because I’ve always been an early riser.
I really like the kids in my classroom, and the kids at school in general are a pretty good bunch. They’re younger (I’m working in primary/ 3rd – 7th grade, with some interaction with 2nd grade), and I don’t have as much experience with this age group, so I’m fascinated by them.
Little kids do everything so quickly! They move quickly, speak quickly and absorb information at an astonishing rate. It’s amazing to watch them. They seem to have brains that move at lightning speed (so it seems, as I sit there staring at the long division on the board and going “huh?”).
It’s hilarious to spend all day with them and then see the behemoths of the seniors (16-18 years old), in their casual clothes, moving slowly and with terrible posture, like something (probably puberty) is weighing them down. They’re the dinosaurs and my students are the chickens.
I like being an observer at my school. I like my job. I like 2011. It has its challenges, but it’s going really, really well.
Book reviews soon.
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One Response to Things changing

  1. esg says:

    I MISS TEACHING SO MUCHi seriously practiced my introduction/1st day of school speech in front of the mirror sound so happy. i'm glad you're writing at this time, so you can always go back to this.

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