Putting my online house in order

I feel like I should write. It feels like it’s been a while. I don’t really have much to say though. I’m about to head to Alfheim ’til Wednesday for Carnaval holiday, and it’s kind of like I’m trying to put my internet house in order, before I abandon it for 5 days.

I have, I think, 6 books in my backback (4 new ones on my kindle – 3 romances and David Copperfield) and 2 paperback romances I filched from Julia’s mother. I also have my sketchbook, watercolour pencils and my journal (gurnal). The pencils and brushes are just because my students have been working with them in art class, and it makes me want to try again.
I’ve also got a whole ball of yarn to start something, just if I have the time.
I’m so prepared for 5 days of living in a Jane Austen novel. To be fair, a lot of it has to do with anticipating a fiendish amount of traffic on the way there and back, as well as a considerable amount of time just sitting in bus stations.
I predict that most of the books will be read, and the journal will be written in, but the sketchbook and crochet will be left alone.
Today was Carnaval parade day – my class theme was “Energy” so they were dressed as lightbulbs, batteries and various alternative energy sources (sun, water and wind). It was very creative of them, and surprisingly well-made. Y6 has been studying the human body, so they were dressed through the spectrum of age, from babies to old people. The “old” 11yrolds were hilarious and really well done. They also had some greasers, walking behind a banner of “The World’s First Teenager”.
I got a handful of confetti thrown down my bra by one of the girls in my ECA. I went dressed as a pirate – regular black jeans, black shirt and red cardigan paired with my black and red pirate socks from the Pirate Store in San Francisco, a headscarf and tons of jewelry. A skull necklace, pearls, heavy beads, 3 rings and 4 earrings (all gold, of course). A pirate would wear her booty.
It was a pretty great day. Especially because it got out at noon. Excellent.
Time to hit the road folks. I’ll let you know how the predictions work out.
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