An undated letter I wrote to myself on an Outward Bound trip with my school. I think I was in form 5 – making me 13-14 years old.

Dear me,
I have nothing to tell you that you don’t already know, so I’ll just write down some advice and a couple reminders. Remember to always be nice to everyone – no matter what your first impression of them is. Remember your limits, and, academically, test them – there is no limit. Remember that you don’t know everything and listen to others. Accept defeat. Don’t boss people around.
Use your common sense – it’s very good – when used. Don’t throw yourself at the boy you like – keep your distance, remain cool. Try to find more time to write. Stop complaining – you don’t need to. Save money – buy a piggy bank. Exercise!
Remember the majestic views from this trip – the mountains around the pousada, the sunset on the Pedra Furada. The awesome people you got to know. The ability you have to keep a cool head and a sense of humour, to get along with just about everyone. Just remember the awesome time you had…
Well. I guess I was an astute kid, 10 years ago (holy shit!), and most of this advice is still stuff that I remind myself of and work at. Good to know?
I guess I’ve been responding to advice from my parents saying “I know, I know” for at least 10 years now… you’d think I’d have broken that habit by now. Eh.
View from Pedra Furada, Itatiaia
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