I have never felt more like an old lady than I did last night. I went out to the pub at 7 to meet some friends. Ordered a single beer and a bottle of water, which I alternated drinking, and then left at 9:20, so that I could be in bed at a reasonable hour for work today. When I got home, I changed into my PJs, put on my cashmere socks, set my alarm and went to sleep before 10pm.

When did that happen to me? When did I cross the line into behaving like an old? I blame the cold weather. There’s something very “elderly” about sleeping with socks on. Similarly, I couldn’t drink much or motivate myself to stay out late because the bar was drafty (majorly so) and I was freezing. The company was great, but … I miss heating.
I love cold weather for all the snuggling and the lying around by the fireplace or under comfy blankes and watching movies and reading. I also love dressing for cold weather (mostly for Fall – crispy cold). Boots, skirts, scarves, jackets… it’s as close to classy as we can get on a day-to-day basis.
However, aside from all of these reasons why I love cold weather, I cannot help but recognize that it is miserable when there is no heating. Getting in and out of bed is treacherous on a dark morning when your room is fashioned to expel heat, and is thus as drafty as humanly possible, even when all the windows are shut tight.

Time to stop whining and get to work. There’s the bell.
I’m really enjoying “David Copperfield”… it’s long though, and might take a while for me to get through…

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