A return to form.

I swear I haven’t been neglecting this piece of internet space.

I just moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, and have been trying to write about it and failing miserably. I have absolutely no idea how to start processing what’s going on right now. In exactly one week I will be matriculating at my new school.
I have this week to look for a flat to live in, so I can stop sleeping on couches/the floor. I will be spending looooads of time at Starbucks flat hunting until I find a place.

Meanwhile, I’ve seen lots of people and had a really good time socially. Especially considering that I haven’t been here in 10 months or so.
The one thing that confuses me – how the hell do people sleep so much??? I got four hours of sleep on Friday night, and still only slept 8, maybe 9 on Saturday, without having napped. I guess I must take after my father, who always maintained that there is no such thing as “catching up on sleep”. I have woken up just before 9am here every day so far, and I’m the only one in this flat dealing with a 4 hour time difference.

I don’t get it. Honestly.

Sorry if this blog post is not as deep and introspective and well-thought out as the last one. I just needed to break down the writers’ block and sort of ignore the sudden pressure I was feeling after a whole crap ton of people read my last entry.
Too much is going on right now to be insightful.


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