Sunset at Arthur’s Seat

As I was walking back to my B&B today, I decided that instead of heading straight, I would detour to the Seat. It was cloudy and gray, but I wanted to stretch my legs a bit after being inside all day. Just as I was walking up this little crest here, the sun came out. The sky was an amazing blue, and the grass was lit up all shades of greens and golds. The rock face of the seat was similarly struck, with hints of red reflecting from the stone. It was drizzling very light rain, and looked like small yellow drops, catching the light in a fairy-like way.
I honestly cannot understand how people live here without being constantly struck by the pure magic that happens when the sun comes out. 
Apologies for the quality of the photos – I didn’t have my camera and had to use my cell phone. It doesn’t do the scene justice.


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One Response to Sunset at Arthur’s Seat

  1. esg says:

    beautiful! so glad to see you writing so much!!!

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