Where in the World am I?

An update on my life seems required at this stage.

I always feel like I need to wait for things to get settled before I write and tell people what’s going on, just because it seems so definitive. I am coming to terms with the fact that things will not be fully settled and sorted for a while yet, and I might as well let people know what’s up.

I am living in Brooklyn now, with my younger sister and (for the moment) our cousin. We live in my parents’ apartment, and have a pretty good life here.
I just got a part-time job working as an assistant instructor for a program that teaches movement and exercise to toddlers aged 12-24 months. Not quite anything I’ve ever done before, but it looks fun.

Hopefully the part-time element means I can keep looking for things more within my line of interest – aged 11 years and up, and teaching History. I’m hoping that I might get some substituting work at some independent schools, and set up some volunteering opportunities with different educational programs.

At least I’ll be busy and working with children – things that make me happy.

Otherwise, I’m trying to adjust to living in this monstrous city. I can’t say how it will go long term, as I’ve never been here for more than a month or so at a time. I am nervous about my adaptability – going from a city that fed my soul and made me content, to a city that will challenge and exhaust me every day? There are positives and negatives to both situations, and I suppose that I might just become the kind of person who takes naps now.

Either way, I have employment, I have a possibilities and I have friends. Things are on the up and up, I suppose.

I think I’ll set myself the deadline to write an update on this new life in Brooklyn in two months. Just to see how things are going and force myself to process it. So… November 28th, I’ll update here. It’ll be winter by then!

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