The Beginning

Mumbai Beachfront

I’m in India. In Maharashtra. In Mumbai. In my apartment, in my bedroom, laying on my bed, on my brand-new bedcover. Because I live here now. I have bought coat-hangers and a laundry hamper, and today I went to the Pali Market street and bought a papaya for 40 rupees, and some canned beans and tomatoes for 350.

Because I live here now.

I arrived on Sunday morning, and it is now Friday evening. Monday morning, I was up at school, having breakfast with my new colleagues at 7am. These past five days have changed my perspective on my life so much that I am having a hard time remembering who I am and who I have left behind. My correspondence is going to fall severely by the wayside while I try to remember that I am a person who existed prior to the 27th of August, 2013.

This school blows my mind with how well they have taken care of us. Everything was ready, all questions have been answered (the ones that I have thought to ask). The training has been so understanding – you’re new, and we expect it of you – is not something I really expected at my first real teaching job, not for all the teachers.

The other new teachers are also amazing. I’ve only known them for at most five days and they give me so much relief from the doubts I had about the choice I made to come here. I will not feel alone while they are here. No more than I did in New York, or Edinburgh or San Francisco.  I’m so excited to travel with them and explore the city with them, and explore teaching with them.

I can’t even begin to wrestle with the fact of INDIA really. I keep seeking out the little pieces of Sao Paulo in Mumbai – the traffic, the way storefronts are organized, the trees, the architecture (in some small ways). It helps me section off the parts that are just pure Mumbai without overwhelming me completely and wholly.

I will try to write about it regularly and well, as I struggle to process it myself.
I hope the people who read it will enjoy it.

Fruit Seller in Pali Market

Brief story: today at the Pali Market, the fruit seller who sold me my gorgeous papaya was definitely wearing eyeliner. He was quite handsome. In the sweetshop where another teacher with a serious sweet-tooth was buying up all the goods, I was given free samples of delicious cashew candies that are coated in silver (because I’m a lady and was with someone who was spending). I had a child pull on my t-shirt while pointing at the infected sore behind her ear as I walked around, and I just kept walking. Waiting in the car, a young boy stood there for 15 minutes, knocking on the windows, begging in the monsoon rain.  We managed not to get caught in the monsoon rain!

What a strange hour it was. So much happened.

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2 Responses to The Beginning

  1. sofia says:

    So wonderful to read 🙂 You are a little force of nature. Keep writing please!

  2. carson says:

    got to keep the family writing

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