Short Stories

It’s been a month.

I’m acclimating a bit, but it’s re-climating here. The rains are officially “over” and it’s starting to get hotter and sunnier outside. I’m going to need a pair of sunglasses very soon. 
Small stories.
Last night I want to one of the only local bars in the area, “Anil” with a guy friend. I was apprehensive, having been there before with a large group, that we’d attract a lot of attention when we walked in. As we stepped into the small small bar, it went silent. As we walked up to the air conditioned, smokey upstairs, it was silent as I walked through the narrow aisle. All eyes were on us/me. I was wearing a nice blue dress, scarf over my shoulders and red lipstick. I admit to being dressed nicely (for brunch earlier that day). But there’s a specific kind of attention that comes to a white girl who walks into an Indian-Man-Only bar.  Still, it was nicer than having to go to the mall for a pint. We had excellent service and were not an attraction for very long. (I will concede that, if he went alone, my guy friend might have gotten many stares, being blonde and blue eyed, but not as many.)
I am constantly delighted by my students. Especially my 6th graders. I am reading “The Giver” aloud to them, and today we reached a passage in which the main character bathes an old woman, and later has his first erotic dream of a female friend. They were cracking me up with their disgusted and embarrassed reactions to the descriptions of “Stirrings” and those kinds of feelings. I was trying so hard to pretend I wasn’t totally loving how awkward it was for them, and trying to fake being stern, “I’ll stop reading if you can’t get yourselves together! You’re in 6th grade and I expect you to be able to handle this kind of thing with some maturity!” said through a poorly hidden smile. Once finished, I was prompting them to realize that the civilization in the story has found a way to tamper people’s natural desires and wants, and was trying to get them to acknowledge that the feelings the main character had were of passion and lust. I asked, “What kind of dream has he had, what kinds of feelings is he talking about?” And they responded, cleverly, “We’ve talked about it in Health class and don’t want to talk about it here!” With just one brave boy, hidden beneath the furor, saying, “It’s a “wet dream” okay?” air quotes and all. 
I’m a horrid, evil teacher to my poor, poor students. They got the point though!
On Saturday morning, I had CPR training. One of the questions was about how to respond if someone gets bitten by a snake. I asked, “Should you try to take a photo of the snake, or catch & kill it?” and everyone looked at me like I was a total weirdo for that. The nurse running the course made a joke about, “Sure, just catch that snake, while the person suffering the bite just hangs out there.” Until! I told them that my cousin’s husband had been bitten by a snake and almost expired because the hospital was afraid of giving him the wrong anti-venom because they didn’t know what kind of snake it was. Then they understood. Pssh. I’m not crazy. India’s not the only place with snakes.
That’s all for now. 
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