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Winter Salamander

Prompt: Use the following words in your writing: clubs, saves, study, salamander, partridge, bias, fledgeling, require, parachute, convent. She sat outside the convent walls, staring at the lizard. Wait, no, that’s a Salamander (what’s the difference?) and wondering at her desire … Continue reading

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The Journal

Dearest, My morning stroll was perfectly timed – hardly anyone was about, and it was quiet enough in the early dawn to hear the waves crash upon the shore, tickling my ears and calling out promises of infinity. The sand was … Continue reading

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Last week, the middle school did Day 9 – an experimental concept where kids sign up to do workshops based on their personal interests and spend 2 days learning, ideating, and creating. I was signed up for the Superhero Comics workshop. … Continue reading

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Bob and Ruth

They were quiet people. They were always old – they had white hair, and walked slowly. I was young – too busy running around with my cousins to talk to them. They were strong people. Farm people. They worked hard. They … Continue reading

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10 Secret Worlds

(writing prompts from workshop) Greyfriar’s Bobby among the tombstones Hammock on the porch under the vines The hollow of a golf course in the Meadows at night The coldwarm under a heavy duvet The end of a pier The bus … Continue reading

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