Last week, the middle school did Day 9 – an experimental concept where kids sign up to do workshops based on their personal interests and spend 2 days learning, ideating, and creating. I was signed up for the Superhero Comics workshop.

The kids spent two days creating a 4 page comic in groups of 3-4. They learned how to script, use panels as part of the story-telling, draft, draw, and then even scanned and uploaded the comics into photoshop. Then they learned to clean up their comics using photoshop and Bamboo tablets. One group even managed to do some coloring.

One of my colleagues suggested we do our own comic, and I sat down and spent the next 2 days drawing. (Literally. All day.) We didn’t have time for photoshopping anything other than the word bubbles and some tidying up of lines.

This is the result: It’s called REAL HEROES, starring the TRIUMVIRATEThe Alchemist (Science teacher), La Voz (Spanish teacher) and Hourglass (History teacher). REAL HEROES - COMICPage-3-Real-Heroes-WEB Real Heroes Page 3   Page-4-Real-HeroesWEB Real Heroes Page 5

Story/Script: Eric

Character art: Me

Background art: Madelie

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