Find a new fox

prompt: respond to a writing that insists that travel is travail.

Travel is travail. I mean, waiting at airports? Sitting on planes? Standing on line with heavy bags crushing your spine? If that doesn’t make you miserable, you’re magical.

However. However, exploring and discovering are joy and excitement embodied. Walking into an 13th C Welsh Cathedral that still has the original carved roof beams, more intricate and beautiful than you could dream of? Dancing in the ruins of a monastery? Staring at the color of buildings as the sun hits them and the rock turns from oppressive gray to purple, gold, pink and blue? Seeing how clouds look different around the world? These are moments to collect.

Sharing that one road-trip song that you’ll sing along to 500 times in one weekend? Perfecting your seat dancing skills?

Travel is pure experience and sharing like nothing else. It’s a chance to take something and make it yours – new and fresh. Feel the way grass is different and the soil changes color and how people use more or less salt. I mean, honestly. Travail would be always looking for a fox and totally ignoring the stars and moon and sand between your toes on a new beach, by a new sea, in a new country.

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