IMG_0799Ah-ranges, we say.
Ahranjuice for breakfast.
Pulpy, sweet, aharanjuice.
Fresh-squeezed, fresh-picked.
Do you want an aaaaaahrange?
We have the BEST ahranges.

Have it with your blue-shelled, aharange-yolked egg.
Best eggs around. Best flavor and so fresh.
All you need. Ahranjuice and ahrange eggs.
And white cheese. Mmmm.

Give some to do the diggies.

The diggies love white cheese.

Best breakfast in the world.

Okay. Ready to walk?

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2 Responses to Ah-ranges

  1. sarageld says:

    Somebody missing the farm? Damm straight the best darn eggs, oranges, sunsets….

  2. clarehogan says:

    Wow Camila! You are such a strong writer. Your posts about teaching are inspiring to me as a future educator. This post reminds me of when we used to vacation together in Ithaca. You guys always had so much apple juice.

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