I need a hug.
Someone to envelop me and make me feel small.
The hugger can be little.
As long as their arms can hold on,
And make me feel anchored and whole.

I need a real hug.
An “I miss you” hug.
An “I know you’re lonely” hug.
An “I love you” hug.

I want it to be hard to breathe in.
To smell the hair and humanness
Of a person who is holding on to me.
Both of us inhaling the same air.

I want to hold on to someone.
To grasp them, to feel them.
To feel the steel of them;
The iron core of them,
Beneath the softness
of our combined souls.

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One Response to Hugs

  1. Kenneth Geld says:

    Ca, but you give the best hugs…

    Sent from my iPhone


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