Will I remember the Crows

Will I remember the crows?
The crows that fill mornings with yearning, hungry cries?
Their sleek black feathers like the silk ribbon around a
French noble woman’s throat.

Will I remember the dogs?
Fat and sleepy, laying in the sun like turtles.
Their squinting eyes and lopsided smiles
Bracketed with scars and missing or mangled parts.

Will I remember the couples?
Hiding in the shade from the noonday sun.
Touching ankle to knee, holding hands, holding phones.
Kissing in hijabs and kurtas.

Will I remember the old walkers?
The men with their protruding bellies and sandals.
The ladies in their kurtas and sneakers.
Walking for their hearts.

Will I remember the smells of sea and refuse
The feel of the sun scorching my skin
The sound of rickshaws careening down the road
The aching of my feet
The cool breeze from the sea
The laundry drying on the shore
The sweat rolling down my back
The eyes of strangers on me
The mangroves bearing plastic fruit
The sunlight and hazy sky

Will I remember these Sunday strolls
Down Carter Road?

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One Response to Will I remember the Crows

  1. Kenneth C Geld says:

    Lovely Ca

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