To identify a Teacher

A half-drunk coffee mug, ringed with old stains
Abandoned and cold, it’s all that remains
Of the drinker, who forgot
A meeting upstairs.

A stack of rumpled and crumpled loose-leaf
Sheets covered in scrawls of praise and grief,
Collecting dust, just in case
They’re ever reclaimed.

A stack of post-its, highlighters and pens
Pencils too, short and definitely broken,
Ready to be shared out,
And never returned.

Whiteboard markers and glares that silence a room,
With jokes and stories to lift the morning gloom.
Voices that project and hands
That tell stories.

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One Response to To identify a Teacher

  1. Nic says:

    love this! The half drunk mug is the ultimate teAcher tell-take! Xx

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