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Rage and Desperation

Writing challenge: Rage and desperate Rage I’ll pin down those words That dripped from your lips and pull them apart gouging the letters and snapping the sentences. I’ll dig my nails into your promises and poetry leaving searing red trails Trough a … Continue reading

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Mumbai right now is heat and dust. So I escaped to Srinagar, up on the Northwestern border of India, near Pakistan and at the foothills of the Himalayas. I felt guilty, but I caved to my needs for cold weather, … Continue reading

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Manners Above All

The following took place at the start of my 7th grade class one week. Transcribed as accurately from memory as possible. : Me: Hey, A. That’s a neat drawing. What’s it supposed to be? A: It’s the Kaaba. Continues drawing Me: … Continue reading

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