Rage and Desperation

Writing challenge: Rage and desperate


I’ll pin down those words
That dripped from your lips
and pull them apart
gouging the letters and
snapping the sentences.

I’ll dig my nails into your
promises and poetry
leaving searing red trails
Trough a pretty, barren
desert of intentions.

I’ll reach into my own lungs
to pull out the perfume of you
I’ll reach into the pit
of my stomach
to kill the butterflies
that once lived there.

I will capture, kill and
pin neatly to a board
this thing that once existed
between us and label it


The distance between them had grown insurmountable in the pale yellow sunlight. They walked closely, to better be able to talk in the wind. Close enough that their fingers could accidentally touch. But never did. Their stories and jokes were comfortable, but not revealing.

Each gust of wind between their words blew them further and further apart. Each step echoed with a need for closeness, and each laugh was filled with true joy at the nearness that was and sorrow at the distance they could not overcome.

Until that accidental touch that went on too long and stopped them in their tracks. As their fingers slowly, unintentionally, entwined, their words fled their lips and filled their eyes. The distance became death to them, and closeness meant life. She looked at him and saw stars – all of the mysteries of the universe in this one moment and contained in this one person and felt truly that if they did not embrace, she would die.

Entranced by this desperate, unspoken, need, when their lips finally met her eyes filled with the bursting joy in her heart and tears ran down her cheeks. This time, when they parted, hands still entwined, no matter how far apart they stood, they would share the same space.

NB: I don’t really express strong emotions well, as a person. Especially negative ones. So I decided to challenge myself to describe two. I chose ‘rage’ on my own and had ‘desperate’ given to me. 

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2 Responses to Rage and Desperation

  1. Nancy Staal says:

    Camila, I miss our writing group too. There is an energy about writing in a community, isn’t there? Your poem is stunning. The images are so vivid. “pin down the words”, “pin neatly to a board”, “label it PAST” It’s as if the narrator is wrestling with deep passion and trying so hard to make it neat, scientific, and tidy. “I’ll reach into my lungs and pull out the perfume of you.” Powerful image!

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