Hi blog. It’s been a while.
I live in Denmark now.
This country is grey, green and blue
With gold fields of wheat
Catching the sunlight.

I ride my bike a lot here.
There is a high slug mortality rate
Especially if it rained.

There’s an impressive wind
That howls and bosses me around.
I don’t let it stop me though.
Maybe sometimes, if it’s raining too.

People speak English here.
But they speak Danish first.
They look confused and disappointed
When I say “Sorry. No Danish.”
With a grimace.

The Danes aren’t big on tea.
They like their coffee, black
Like the bread.

My new school is small and friendly.
Red brick walls and big windows
To catch the sunlight
Once winter comes.

Yes, a lot of the students are blonde.
I teach teenagers again now.
Being a teenager is awful.
I remember this time well.

Poor kids.
I feel like a cheerleader for their spirits.
Just want to give them all a hug.
But I also need to check them
And tell them to shut up and listen.
And hope they are being kind to their future selves
And not saying and doing things they’ll regret
10 years from now.

Like I did.

But I’m cool now.
I’m a teacher.
I live in Denmark.

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2 Responses to Snippets

  1. Pai says:

    Very good start at new abode. Contrast to Mumbai

  2. Good luck on your new start! J x.

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