Dreams She Has Had

Walks up to you and says
Oh so politely and quietly
“I like you, just so you know”
Leans forward, kisses you gently
and runs away.

Looks you in the eyes,
Impatient with months
and months
of endless flirtation
Grabs your face with both hands
Kisses you.
And walks away
With a promise of tomorrow
On her lips.

Signs her letters
With love
Boldly writing
Words that won’t ever
Be said.

Holds your hand
As you walk side by side.
Stops in her tracks
To look you in the eyes
and say
“Kiss me”
And you do.

She is not ashamed
Of her infatuations
She is not afraid
Of her love
And she is impatient
And life is too short.

There is a line
Between dreams
And real life
And she
Blurs it.

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