Tiddalik the Frog

Tiddalik the Frog swallowed the seas
The lakes and the rivers
In an attempt to quench an unquenchable thirst

He drank the world dry
So thirsty was he
And the world was a sad, barren place
Without water

In a time of crisis, the Wombat realized
That fear and pain would not bring
Water back to the world.
Laughter would.

So the Platypus appeared
Before Tiddalik.
She stood calmly before him
In her weird, unique form.

And he cracked a smile
That turned into a bellyhurting
Painful, unstoppable laugh
So strong and loud and joyous
That all the waters rushed out
And returned to the world.

I could drink you up like the rivers
And lakes and seas
I could swallow every moment of your being
Turning the world into a desert of you.

But there is more of you than all
The lakes and waters and seas in the world
And I could never contain you
Nor would I want to
I will content myself with sips
Taken over weeks and months and years.


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