How quickly they transform
And become mysterious

They sit talking
Hands flying in gesture
Nails long and painted
Tight shirts, tight jeans
Hair styled in messy buns

Gossiping like the women
They are turning into.

Their clothes change shape
With their bodies
Their hair becomes a weapon
Their hands are graceful
Their conversations become mysterious
More effective than a
“No boys allowed” sign
Suddenly they seem to know things
As a sisterhood forms

And the boys are left,
Staring in confusion
Trying to catch up
To these new creatures
They once knew so well.

NB. This is the result of a moment in school today, watching a 14 year old boy look at two 14 year old girls as they talked, and watching that penny drop.

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One Response to Girls

  1. Pai says:

    boys are soooooooo stupid….

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