Back to School

Why am I so tired after the first week back?
The kids are good
At their best, really.
The work is light – we’re just warming up here, folks.
So why do I go all fuzzy and limp
At 8.00pm
And crawl into bed, waiting for
9.00pm when I can finally… just… sleep?

Maybe it’s because
I woke up at 5.30,
Was ‘on’ from 7-4
And got home at 5.

Maybe it’s because this summer
I got used to sleeping from 11-7
And doing one thing at a time.

And suddenly
My brain has 300 things
That must all be done at once
And 16 students asking me
‘What’s going on’
And I really can’t tell them
Because my brain isn’t a computer
And I can’t find the right tabs quickly enough

Maybe it’s because suddenly
I have to remember how to talk
To someone who is 11
Someone who is 13
And someone who is 16
And not mix them up.

Maybe it’s because
I forgot how to be a teacher
And now I have to remember
And I have to embody so many things
And so many emotions
In one hour
Pride, Support, Awe, Excitement, Enthusiasm
Disappointment, Frustration, Strictness

I just need to remember it
All over again
And then I’ll be able to sleep again
And not have nightmares
Where I forgot everything
And the kids are screaming
And my boss is watching
And and and and

I love my job.
I really do.

It’s time for bed.

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One Response to Back to School

  1. Pai says:

    Ha Ca! If i could only be your pupil!!

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