I had a nightmare
So real my muscles were frozen
And I was screaming in my mind
Maybe also with my voice

And I was alone in bed
When the last thing I wanted
Was an ocean of space by my side
And the first thing I wanted
Was to feel another person’s heartbeat

And when I woke up
I did the math
The first Hug I can get
Is a 3 hour train away
The second Hug is
a 3.5 hour train away

After that, I kind of need to fly
And that’s a long way to go for a hug
But maybe it would be worth it
Because 3 days later
I still feel it dragging its’ cold fingers
Down my spine

And a hug sure seems like
Fighting ice with fire
To warm my soul up again

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  1. Pai says:

    we are here Ca…

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