Capital R

I am a deeply Romantic person
Note the capital R.
I am utter crap at grand gestures
I’ll forget birthdays and feel weird bringing
Or accepting flowers
The words ‘I love you’
Are said clumsily, like a drunk person trying to jam their keys into the keyhole
And eventually like a running toddler
Impatient, loud and impossible to ignore, and hopefully endearing to the right people.

The Capital R is very necessary.

I feel made of sighs and yearning glances
I’ve fallen in love with four strangers this week
Just because we made eye contact down the street
And they looked kind and maybe a bit joyous
I cried with joy at a novel
When the stern heroine recalls the first time her love smiled at her and the world lit up
I dream of all the impossible things I would do for love
They wouldn’t be impossible, would they, not with you there?
I’d cross the seas for you
I’d exist happily by your side
I’d write ridiculous poetry trying to capture the ray of sunlight I feel when I am with you
The way you make me laugh like an idiot without trying

But then again. I am not a romantic
Which means I’m a bit of a coward
A lot of a coward
So I’d never tell you I loved you in the first place
And I’ll stay where I am
Safe in my novels and absurd poetry
Falling in love with strangers
And pretending I never loved you in the first place

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