I’ve got gym clothes on
And I’m laying, “stretching” out on the mat
waiting for class to start
As people around me set up
I’m proud of myself for making it here.

It’s been a long day
I had to repeat myself 15 times
15 times a day to my students
And then they giggled at me
when I misheard them once.
It hurts the same way it did when I was 13
And someone laughs at me
For not hearing them right the first time.

I was rude to a coworker
Because they called out
From behind me
As I was walking down the hall
I wasn’t ignoring you! So sorry!
I just didn’t hear.

The guy in the corner is doing a headstand
Fancy him.
I’m going to keep laying here
Waiting to be told what to do.

Then, there was the indignity
of being shown a video in staff meeting
Without subtitles
Yeah, no, I didn’t get any of that.
It’s okay, I got the gist. Don’t worry about it.

It’s been a long day
I just need to stretch out and exit my brain
Stop cataloguing small anxieties

Yoga teacher arrives
Starts setting up the music
The music is loud. Bad sign.
We all sit up in lotus position
And they start talking
Hello class, as we begin, bring your palms to your heart center and focus your breathing
As you focus your breathing, pay attention to your body and how it feels today

Now take a moment to dedicate this class to something as you exhale….

I’m going to dedicate this class
To the idea that one day
A yoga teacher will speak loudly enough
For their damn deaf student to hear them.

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