Paying attention

You were talking
Saying something interesting
Truly, it was
I was paying attention
I swear I was
It was just a moment
When I noticed your hands
And how they move when you talk
And how somehow
They are large and delicate at the same time
And they trace stories as they move
And then I just momentarily noticed
Your neck, outlined with soft hair,
And your collarbones,
Just where your shirt buttons meet
And how they are horizontal with your jaw
And your jaw is in line with your lips
Which I have been watching this whole time
Because, clearly, I’ve been paying attention
To the words you’ve been saying
Not the shape of your lips as they form the words
Or the lazy gaze of your eyelids
How do they do that?
You sound so interested and calm all at once
How do your eyes stay calm and intense at the same time?
But clearly, obviously, I’m paying attention to what you’re saying.

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