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I remember watching my sister paint. Well, watching isn’t the right word. I never saw her put brush to canvas. I saw her close her doors and emerge hours or days later With something bright, colourful, Gorgeous. I would look … Continue reading

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How long could I look at your face?

Sometimes, I know. I’ll love your face for a day and a night Engrave it in my memory And move on. Sometimes, I know. I’ll stare in fascination at your eyelashes and lips For one entire moment, drinking them them in And saving … Continue reading

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Mumbai right now is heat and dust. So I escaped to Srinagar, up on the Northwestern border of India, near Pakistan and at the foothills of the Himalayas. I felt guilty, but I caved to my needs for cold weather, … Continue reading

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Will I remember the Crows

Will I remember the crows? The crows that fill mornings with yearning, hungry cries? Their sleek black feathers like the silk ribbon around a French noble woman’s throat. Will I remember the dogs? Fat and sleepy, laying in the sun like … Continue reading

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Going Home

Damp red dirt, making car tyres slip and slide Road lined with sugar cane and towering Sansao de Campo. A formidable green wall. The Gate, flanked by flowering Bougainvillea Pink, Red, and Purple. The first sight of Orange Trees in neat … Continue reading

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Infinite Words

Do the words “I love you” echo through time? I haven’t said them enough to know If all I hear circling in the lonely moments Are the words I wish I was still saying Or the words I have said. … Continue reading

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Fairy Tales

Living in India is like living in a fairy tale.A Grimm’s Brothers fairy tale. Last week we were let out of school half a day early so we could beat the traffic home in preparation for Ganpati Bappa. It was … Continue reading

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