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Seashell and Driftwood

He was a content old man Face lined like driftwood Whiskers and woolen Smelling of tobacco, tea, and whisky A quiet home, a steady fire A habit of reading and walking His company was kept Over pints at the pub … Continue reading

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Soft wool thread slides between her left fingers, Leaving a gentle callus on the knuckle As the time flies by. The cold metal hook never quite warms In her right hand, as it weaves In and out, knotting. Making a … Continue reading

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Tiddalik the Frog

Tiddalik the Frog swallowed the seas The lakes and the rivers In an attempt to quench an unquenchable thirst He drank the world dry So thirsty was he And the world was a sad, barren place Without water In a … Continue reading

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She stands in front In a neat jumper Wedding bands on manicured hands Holding a paper heart. “This is your love. Each time you have sex, You give a piece away.” She begins tearing. Ripping until There’s just a piece … Continue reading

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I thought I was transparent Translucent Lit from within By every desire and Incredible whim. I thought I was opaque Obscure Heavy and full to the brim With bleak thoughts and Grim fears. It seems I am both. I am the … Continue reading

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Rage and Desperation

Writing challenge: Rage and desperate Rage I’ll pin down those words That dripped from your lips and pull them apart gouging the letters and snapping the sentences. I’ll dig my nails into your promises and poetry leaving searing red trails Trough a … Continue reading

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And Yet

You cradled my face in your hands Looked deep into my eyes and kissed me Like you missed me And I sighed into you You slid your hands around my waist Gently pulling me closer and kissed me Like you … Continue reading

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