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I had a nightmare So real my muscles were frozen And I was screaming in my mind Maybe also¬†with my voice And I was alone in bed When the last thing I wanted Was an ocean of space by my … Continue reading

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A haunting echo

“I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory” – Alexander Hamilton,¬†Hamilton This line has haunted me this past month. This line followed me across Iceland As I drove 10 hours in one day to see a glacier … Continue reading

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Dreams She Has Had

Walks up to you and says Oh so politely and quietly “I like you, just so you know” Leans forward, kisses you gently and runs away. Looks you in the eyes, Impatient with months and months of endless flirtation Grabs … Continue reading

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I remember my last nightmare vividly. Not deeply deeply unpleasant dreams that wake you and leave you with a strange taste in the back of your brain all day. I mean those dreams that leave you with a distinct, sharp … Continue reading

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