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How did we get here?

2003: I am 16, President Bush has declared war on Iraq. I am half-American, going to school in Brasil. Hallways are full of teenagers talking about BLOOD FOR OIL We sit at bars, teenaged mimicry of adulthood Drinking beer and whisky … Continue reading

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Hi blog. It’s been a while. I live in Denmark now. This country is grey, green and blue With gold fields of wheat Catching the sunlight. I ride my bike a lot here. There is a high slug mortality rate … Continue reading

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I am a Snail

It’s time for my indulgent “I’ve left India” post. I have lived a life rich in hellos and goodbyes. I have considered myself as a snail – moving slowly and steadily and carrying my home on my back. My home … Continue reading

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Rage and Desperation

Writing challenge: Rage and desperate Rage I’ll pin down those words That dripped from your lips and pull them apart gouging the letters and snapping the sentences. I’ll dig my nails into your promises and poetry leaving searing red trails Trough a … Continue reading

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Mumbai right now is heat and dust. So I escaped to Srinagar, up on the Northwestern border of India, near Pakistan and at the foothills of the Himalayas. I felt guilty, but I caved to my needs for cold weather, … Continue reading

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Suspicious Silence

I love taking long, hot baths. With a good book and a glass of water, I can last a solid hour, topping up the hot water until my feet prune. To be completely submerged in the water, limbs supported and free … Continue reading

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Will I remember the Crows

Will I remember the crows? The crows that fill mornings with yearning, hungry cries? Their sleek black feathers like the silk ribbon around a French noble woman’s throat. Will I remember the dogs? Fat and sleepy, laying in the sun like … Continue reading

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