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Home is

Home was the pages of a good book Curled up on a  couch Sound off, the world disappearing As I learned what kind of person I wanted to be Home was your blue eyes and quick laugh Touching your neck … Continue reading

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My mother grew me Hair, bones, teeth and skin Incubating in her stomach Nourishing an idea of a person For nine tender months Until I burst forth Like a hideous, shriveled raisin And became real My mother grew me She gave … Continue reading

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Capital R

I am a deeply Romantic person Note the capital R. I am utter crap at grand gestures I’ll forget birthdays and feel weird bringing Or accepting flowers The words ‘I love you’ Are said clumsily, like a drunk person trying … Continue reading

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The Bellwether

When I become a walking question mark Things get hazy and unclear And words flutter and fly In fragments and flashes of brightness Only to disappear before I can understand them I become the intimidating blank page Stretching eternally unwilling and … Continue reading

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Fear tastes like wet paper Soggy and choking In the back of my throat. Bravery feels like swallowing fire Gasping Scorching my stomach Making my hands tingle I want to be brave like a forest fire Usefully Clearing the brush … Continue reading

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Diary of an Excursion

Last week, we did a field trip to Berlin. This was the first field trip I have planned on my own (with a lot of guiding help from others, for sure!) – booking hotels, finding trains, creating an itinerary, calling museums, … Continue reading

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I haven’t been able to sit and write for a while now My thoughts have been trapped between my brain and my fingers Like a paper jam in the damn copy machine. So I’m forcing them out. The short and … Continue reading

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