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Kitchen-Table Prophecy

She was fed a story as a child Standing in her grandmothers’ kitchen Between two old, knife-scarred, wooden tables Munching on fresh-from-the-oven buttered bread “This one will fall in love hard and all at once” She swallowed it whole Between … Continue reading

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What choice is there, really?

I let myself fall for a story I weave the threads together like an insane Choose-your-own-adventure tale Sometimes the path leads to tender gazes, sweet gestures the gentle touch of a hand knowing questions and inside jokes Full of the … Continue reading

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Moments in Time

The quick rush when our eyes meet And we see mutual desire And somehow Your hand is on my hip And I am laughing laughing laughing And we are moving closer together And my hand is on your chest And … Continue reading

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Tell me

Words are a refuge, written and spoken. Language is a haven – you can hide and reveal as you wish. Body language, spoken language. Tell me, show me, let me know what you want from me. Let me read you. … Continue reading

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Outlander to Outlandish

I just finished Diana Gabaldon’s scrawling Outlander epic. The series contains 7 books that are all of a minimum of 700 pages long (that’s a serious rounding down, in most cases). They’re hard to define – they belong in the … Continue reading

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Not great?

The Scarlet Pimpernel – Baroness Emmuska Orczy I was surprisingly underwhelmed by this book. It is an adventure story set in England and France at the time of the French Revolution. The main idea is that the mysterious “Scarlet Pimpernel” … Continue reading

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