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Diary of an Excursion

Last week, we did a field trip to Berlin. This was the first field trip I have planned on my own (with a lot of guiding help from others, for sure!) – booking hotels, finding trains, creating an itinerary, calling museums, … Continue reading

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Exams – a reflection

“Exams are a helpful measurement of student success and ability.” How far do you agree with this statement? While I do agree with some elements of this statement, overall I find exams place too much priority on a specific skill set … Continue reading

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Back to School

Why am I so tired after the first week back? The kids are good At their best, really. The work is light – we’re just warming up here, folks. So why do I go all fuzzy and limp At 8.00pm … Continue reading

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How quickly they transform And become mysterious They sit talking Hands flying in gesture Nails long and painted Tight shirts, tight jeans Hair styled in messy buns Gossiping like the women They are turning into. Their clothes change shape With their … Continue reading

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Book Club

I unashamedly love Young Adult fiction. I read it for pleasure. Old favourites are the closest thing I have to a baby blanket or toy from when I was young. I read it to recommend it. Books were my safe haven as … Continue reading

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Serious Business.

I’m not really serious enough to be a teacher. I get distracted during class when the sun shines, or if there’s a sudden rainfall outside my window. I’ve been known to take out my phone and take photos of sudden … Continue reading

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I love teaching. I honestly do. I can be having the worst day, and a kid will say something to break it and let some warmth in. I enjoy seeing how their minds work and grow and expand. I like … Continue reading

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