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Book Club

I unashamedly love Young Adult fiction. I read it for pleasure. Old favourites are the closest thing I have to a baby blanket or toy from when I was young. I read it to recommend it. Books were my safe haven as … Continue reading

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Patrick Ness is Awesome.

As predicted, it has been difficult to get anything written here. Oh! I read the Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness, which was followed by seeing him speak and buying and reading his A Monster Calls. Chaos Walking was an absolutely fascinating … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Vampirism

The Evolution of the Vampire: From Count Dracula to Edward Cullen? Dare I even attempt it? It’s like comparing Sauron and … a pixie? (Pixies are mostly just annoying, not very evil.) I feel I must attempt it. I have … Continue reading

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Old friends

Books have done a lot for me throughout my life. The books that I will always reach for when I am in need of an old friend are any written by Tamora Pierce. (I even have two of her series … Continue reading

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