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Twelve is such a frantic, explosive age To be surrounded by it is to be reminded of the passage of time I recall my own fierce tempers and mood swings  My fragile friendships, As passionate as any fairy tale and … Continue reading

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Fear tastes like wet paper Soggy and choking In the back of my throat. Bravery feels like swallowing fire Gasping Scorching my stomach Making my hands tingle I want to be brave like a forest fire Usefully Clearing the brush … Continue reading

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Seashell and Driftwood

He was a content old man Face lined like driftwood Whiskers and woolen Smelling of tobacco, tea, and whisky A quiet home, a steady fire A habit of reading and walking His company was kept Over pints at the pub … Continue reading

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Overcast Beach

Damp sand beneath me Between my fingers, pressing my palms A slow breeze whipping my hair The smell of wet pebbles and kelp, Salt and the horizon Grey waves brushing the shore White caps and froth An overcast sky Deadwood … Continue reading

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Soft wool thread slides between her left fingers, Leaving a gentle callus on the knuckle As the time flies by. The cold metal hook never quite warms In her right hand, as it weaves In and out, knotting. Making a … Continue reading

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She stands in front In a neat jumper Wedding bands on manicured hands Holding a paper heart. “This is your love. Each time you have sex, You give a piece away.” She begins tearing. Ripping until There’s just a piece … Continue reading

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How long could I look at your face?

Sometimes, I know. I’ll love your face for a day and a night Engrave it in my memory And move on. Sometimes, I know. I’ll stare in fascination at your eyelashes and lips For one entire moment, drinking them them in And saving … Continue reading

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