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Capital R

I am a deeply Romantic person Note the capital R. I am utter crap at grand gestures I’ll forget birthdays and feel weird bringing Or accepting flowers The words ‘I love you’ Are said clumsily, like a drunk person trying … Continue reading

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Moments in Time

The quick rush when our eyes meet And we see mutual desire And somehow Your hand is on my hip And I am laughing laughing laughing And we are moving closer together And my hand is on your chest And … Continue reading

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I learned the word at summer camp “Who do you have a crush on?” “She totally has a crush on him!” Exciting, tasty and adult This new emotional word Swirled around my tongue And crunched between my teeth. It used to be … Continue reading

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Tiddalik the Frog

Tiddalik the Frog swallowed the seas The lakes and the rivers In an attempt to quench an unquenchable thirst He drank the world dry So thirsty was he And the world was a sad, barren place Without water In a … Continue reading

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Every day there is a moment In the middle of a simple task Like slicing limes Or putting on socks Every day this moment Sneaks up, unbidden and unasked for Just a moment. Every day a little thought A light twinge … Continue reading

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How long could I look at your face?

Sometimes, I know. I’ll love your face for a day and a night Engrave it in my memory And move on. Sometimes, I know. I’ll stare in fascination at your eyelashes and lips For one entire moment, drinking them them in And saving … Continue reading

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I thought I was transparent Translucent Lit from within By every desire and Incredible whim. I thought I was opaque Obscure Heavy and full to the brim With bleak thoughts and Grim fears. It seems I am both. I am the … Continue reading

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