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A tiny, tiny moment

I got the rare and soul-saving pleasure of witnessing a student wake up to something the other day. I’m doing a unit on trade with 7th grade at the moment. This is following study of different religions, different climates and resources, … Continue reading

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Diary of an Excursion

Last week, we did a field trip to Berlin. This was the first field trip I have planned on my own (with a lot of guiding help from others, for sure!) – booking hotels, finding trains, creating an itinerary, calling museums, … Continue reading

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Exams – a reflection

“Exams are a helpful measurement of student success and ability.” How far do you agree with this statement? While I do agree with some elements of this statement, overall I find exams place too much priority on a specific skill set … Continue reading

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Serious Business.

I’m not really serious enough to be a teacher. I get distracted during class when the sun shines, or if there’s a sudden rainfall outside my window. I’ve been known to take out my phone and take photos of sudden … Continue reading

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Manners Above All

The following took place at the start of my 7th grade class one week. Transcribed as accurately from memory as possible. : Me: Hey, A. That’s a neat drawing. What’s it supposed to be? A: It’s the Kaaba. Continues drawing Me: … Continue reading

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To identify a Teacher

A half-drunk coffee mug, ringed with old stains Abandoned and cold, it’s all that remains Of the drinker, who forgot A meeting upstairs. A stack of rumpled and crumpled loose-leaf Sheets covered in scrawls of praise and grief, Collecting dust, just … Continue reading

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