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A haunting echo

“I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory” – Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton This line has haunted me this past month. This line followed me across Iceland As I drove 10 hours in one day to see a glacier … Continue reading

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Why is your hair so big Why is your butt so big Why aren’t your clothes matching Why are you wearing that? Why do you look so different from me? I remember each sting. I remember each harmless joke. They are … Continue reading

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I remember my last nightmare vividly. Not deeply deeply unpleasant dreams that wake you and leave you with a strange taste in the back of your brain all day. I mean those dreams that leave you with a distinct, sharp … Continue reading

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I am a Snail

It’s time for my indulgent “I’ve left India” post. I have lived a life rich in hellos and goodbyes. I have considered myself as a snail – moving slowly and steadily and carrying my home on my back. My home … Continue reading

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Suspicious Silence

I love taking long, hot baths. With a good book and a glass of water, I can last a solid hour, topping up the hot water until my feet prune. To be completely submerged in the water, limbs supported and free … Continue reading

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