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Seven Years

They did the math, you know Every seven years, your cells have all replaced themselves You have a new skin And probably smell different Every seven years This means I can figure out exactly To the day The moment when … Continue reading

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I haven’t been able to sit and write for a while now My thoughts have been trapped between my brain and my fingers Like a paper jam in the damn copy machine. So I’m forcing them out. The short and … Continue reading

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The blade was so Sharp No blood was Spilled No scar was Left I didn’t even Feel It leaving I didn’t even                                I didn’t mean … Continue reading

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In A Folder

In a plastic, purple folder. With important documents, passports and batteries, Every postcard and letter received. One little note All those years ago. A key to a shared past, happy and making promises. Before Breakings of words and truths, stored between the words of old … Continue reading

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Rage and Desperation

Writing challenge: Rage and desperate Rage I’ll pin down those words That dripped from your lips and pull them apart gouging the letters and snapping the sentences. I’ll dig my nails into your promises and poetry leaving searing red trails Trough a … Continue reading

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