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Paying attention

You were talking Saying something interesting Truly, it was I was paying attention I swear I was It was just a moment When I noticed your hands And how they move when you talk And how somehow They are large … Continue reading

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Muscle, Bone and Skin

She looks on, Gaze unwavering, unflinching, Counts bones 1-2-3 Sees brown freckles dotting in excessive punctuation Ingrown hairs angrily red Blue veins creeping like cream in fresh milk Across thighs muscular and dimpled. A seasoning of bruises old and new, … Continue reading

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She stands in front In a neat jumper Wedding bands on manicured hands Holding a paper heart. “This is your love. Each time you have sex, You give a piece away.” She begins tearing. Ripping until There’s just a piece … Continue reading

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