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A Case of You

I cannot listen to this song without being affected by it. I think of Nikita, who introduced me to it and the poetry of the line: “Love is touching soulsSurely you touched mineCause part of you pours out of me” … Continue reading

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Memory Lane

I found my old diary from Form II. That means I was….12 years old. In the “Pupil’s Academic Notes” section (the green pages), I found a bunch of “QUOTZ” that I found worthy of recording. Here are a selection of … Continue reading

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Flower power

This is a review I wrote my first year of college that was never published. I’ve edited it a bit, but it is essentially the same. “World War XII, as everybody knows, brought about the collapse of civilization […]” The … Continue reading

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Outlander to Outlandish

I just finished Diana Gabaldon’s scrawling Outlander epic. The series contains 7 books that are all of a minimum of 700 pages long (that’s a serious rounding down, in most cases). They’re hard to define – they belong in the … Continue reading

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Hello. It is a new year – 2011. I am really and truly feeling the vast opportunities that stand before me. 2010 was long. I lived in San Francisco. I lived in New York. I lived in New Haven. I … Continue reading

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