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Paying attention

You were talking Saying something interesting Truly, it was I was paying attention I swear I was It was just a moment When I noticed your hands And how they move when you talk And how somehow They are large … Continue reading

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Moments in Time

The quick rush when our eyes meet And we see mutual desire And somehow Your hand is on my hip And I am laughing laughing laughing And we are moving closer together And my hand is on your chest And … Continue reading

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She stands in front In a neat jumper Wedding bands on manicured hands Holding a paper heart. “This is your love. Each time you have sex, You give a piece away.” She begins tearing. Ripping until There’s just a piece … Continue reading

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I remember “come up for air” being a genuine concern. When people kissed (like, really kissed) How did they breathe? Did they just kissed ’til they ran Out of air Then separate, gasp, rejoin? Now I know, you just use … Continue reading

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Short Stories

It’s been a month. I’m acclimating a bit, but it’s re-climating here. The rains are officially “over” and it’s starting to get hotter and sunnier outside. I’m going to need a pair of sunglasses very soon.  Small stories. Last night … Continue reading

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Old friends

Books have done a lot for me throughout my life. The books that I will always reach for when I am in need of an old friend are any written by Tamora Pierce. (I even have two of her series … Continue reading

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